We are facing a crisis: one that threatens the survival, culture and spirit of our species. Many have recognized this truth, and we are all fighting a ticking clock to find solutions.

This crisis stems from discord: beginning with self and rippling outwards to impact other and planet.

Our Mission is to Catalyze, Empower, and Create Frameworks

for Humans to Live in Harmony

with Themselves, Each Other and The Natural World.


3 Pillars



Mindfulness is Awareness of The Ripples Our Actions Have

Corporate Mindfulness = Positive Outcomes, Reduced Stress, Increase Focus & Happier, More Productive Teams

Mindfulness Helps Clients Ground, Reduce Stress, Boost Workplace Culture, Gain Insight Into Processes & More



Company Outcomes Create Impact

Impact = Success

We Help Our Clients Create Positive Impact Across Economic, Social & Environmental Domains



Harmony creates ease & strength

Harmony = resilient businesses, streamlined processes & loyal culture

We help clients create Harmony with team, internal processes, partners, & customers




Innovative techniques

Everything about our modern world is complex; from the personal to the public and everything in-between. Complex problems call for innovative solutions, which is why Integrated Impact utilizes the most cutting edge and innovative tactics. And we're constantly iterating ourselves, to find new ways to support our clients and create lasting Impact.

We offer you innovative and empowering solutions, while remaining rooted in historical wisdom, for a truly interdisciplinary, harmonious and impactful approach.

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Interdisciplinary Approach

Holistic Methodology

Complex problems call for diverse solutions.

Addressing the root cause, not just the symptoms.

Each client is different and there is no one size fits all approach, we always approach situations from a holistic and interdisciplinary perspective, utilizing multiple modalities such as mindfulness, process improvement, psychology and more.

Systems Theory

Nothing exists in isolation.

We examine how something works in relation to its environment.

Our full understanding and involvement with our clients allows us to work in a far more immersive and in depth manner, identifying and creatively addressing roadblocks that sometimes our clients are not aware of.


Empowered Self

Surrendered Leadership

Guiding the river.

Surrendered leadership allows you to accomplish more with less force.

We know the best leaders are those that know and that play on their team's strengths, empowering and inspiring those around them.


Understanding the landscape.

Approaching from a framework of the human mind provides valuable insight.

Individual and group psychology are used to understand a situation and create the most effective outcomes.

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Environmental Harmony

Regenerative Principles

Feeding what feeds us.

We build systems that prioritize resilience, efficiency and collaboration.

By creating structures that are self sustaining and give back to the individual, community and planet, we are creating long term security for everyone.

Climate Adaptation

Changing with the times.

Our world is rapidly changing.

By focusing on initiatives that help us adapt to the effects of climate change, we are creating environmentally aware solutions for the long term.

Ancient Wisdom

At Integrated Impact we know that ancient wisdom holds many solutions to modern problems. Which is why we utilize a variety of ancient, time tested methodologies in our work with you.

We offer you innovative and empowering solutions, while remaining rooted in historical wisdom, for a truly interdisciplinary, harmonious and impactful approach.


Chinese Five Elements


Chinese Five Elements, also known as Wuxing, is an ancient Chinese philosophy used to describe natural cycles and interactions, cosmic happenings, diagnose illnesses and many other phenomena. Similar philosophies exist across other cultures throughout the ages: Greek Stoicheion, Hindu Tattva, Tibetan Bön and Medieval Alchemy, to name a few. Many of these philosophies are still practiced today, often in medicine and esoteric pursuits. While few and far between, there are a handful of innovators who have recognized the potency of applying these ancient techniques in more modern contexts, such as technology, business and leadership.

Integrated Impact is one such pioneer; we implement these ancient techniques in all of our consulting work. Through this method we are able to problem solve systemically, taking an emergent, process oriented approach that allows us to create holistic support systems for our clients in a way few others can. This means we view and approach problems as unisolated and from many angles, and create appropriate, multipronged solutions.

Whether helping a startup identify and demolish roadblocks to growth; assisting a large corporation pivot to conquer emerging problems; or supporting a company to streamline their systems, we are confident that our approach identifies systemic issues and creates lasting, impactful solutions.


mindfulness graphic.png

Mindfulness is found across many traditions, old and new, often in the form of a meditation or awareness practice. Traditionally, Mindfulness has been used to calm the mind, create awareness of the body and aid in spiritual awakening.

Almost every spiritual practice has some form of Mindfulness, and recently Mindfulness has been growing in popularity amongst business leaders, coaches and psychologists.

Mindfulness practices have recently been the subject of extensive study, with results showing that engaging in Mindfulness leads to increased happiness, reduced stress across the board and increased productivity.

With the newfound scientific validation, Mindfulness is quickly becoming highly sought after by individuals, leaders and businesses.

At Integrated Impact Mindfulness plays a key role in everything we do; from our internal company practices to every aspect of our work with you, we make an effort to take a mindful approach with everything we touch.



Astrology is an ancient art that has been practiced and refined for thousands of years. It examines the celestial movements of planets and stars, creating insight to our everyday lives and interactions.

Astrology has been used in many instances, both professional and personal. While most people are familiar with astrology being used to gain insight into a person's personality at birth, it is also commonly used to determine ideal timing for life events and potential happenings to be aware of.

Did you know that several US presidents, most famous being Ronald Reagan, used astrology to determine ideal timing for major decisions?

At Integrated Impact we use Astrology and other divination such as I-Ching, Human Design and Gene Keys.

We use these tools to gain insight into how a business operates, along with influences and specific timing to be aware of.

These influences are helpful to know when making major decisions such as a growth strategy, acquisition or pivot, and help us determine the best support and course of action.