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Being in a position of leadership creates new and complex opportunities to step into even greater mastery.

Creating balance, leading from integrity, supporting your team and driving the success of your business can quickly overwhelm even the most resilient individual.

The most successful leaders know that growth and mastery are ongoing processes, and remain relevant by building strong internal and external support systems, that end up support not only them but also their teams.


Significant impact on several business measures, including employee satisfaction and productivity


Organizations that saw an ROI on their coaching investment


Fortune 500 companies that utilize Executive Coaching as standard leadership development



+ Our premium offering for high performance individuals.

+ Become a balanced, more successful, more respected leader in 3 months.

+ Reclaim your time & ease immediately.

+ 5X value for yourself & your company.

+ Inspire & communicate with your team better than ever.

+ Play to your strengths with Astrology, Human Design & Wealth Dynamics.

+ Navigate team dynamics with skill & emotional intelligence.

+ Prioritize yourself, your health & your life.

+ Stop sacrificing, start thriving.


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Creating A New Paradigm of Leadership

About Me

Demetrius Bolduc is a Boulder-based entrepreneur and business consultant who specializes in holistic, integrated process; project management; operations; culture and team building. Demetri founded Integrated Impact in 2019, when he realized that the overwhelming majority of consulting firms fail to address the complex intersectionality of personal identities and systemic challenges that create problems to begin with. With Integrated Impact, he aims to offer a more integrated and holistic approach, both leaders, businesses and solopreneurs. 

In business from an early age, Demetri helped manage and operate his family’s business, the beloved and legendary Boulder Bookstore. Growing up in a Buddhist household, he lived life through a lens of meditation, mindfulness, and the Chinese Five Elements from his earliest memories. His love for the natural world inspires his passion for creating harmony in all things - from his inner world all the way into the world of business.

He has started several businesses (successes and failures), has been running mindfulness based groups since an early age and enjoys helping clients both large and small. He has worked with a wide range of businesses: successful coaches like Elana Meta, The C3 Method and Intuition Alchemy; and larger teams such as The Buckminster Fuller Institute, The Design Science Studio and The Ford Foundation.

Demetri is trained in a wide range of management techniques, such as Lean, Six Sigma and Wealth Dynamics. He leverages these more traditional methods in conjunction with regenerative, systems based approaches and ancient techniques for a robust, interdisciplinary offering. He helps clients by way of personal growth and mindfulness coaching, operational strategy, business development, culture and team building.

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Being resourced through a strong foundation of wellness, habit and intention is key to thriving as a balanced and powerful leader.

When you lead from an under-resourced place it negatively impacts your team, business and personal life.

Refining and strengthening your foundation is the first step towards being an empowered and inspiring leader.


Corporate mindfulness is one of the fastest growing sectors, and with good reason; it supports leaders to reach their highest potential.

Become a more mindful leader to better navigate conflict, create stronger support for your team and communicate your vision in a clear, inspiring way.

Reach even higher levels of peak performance!


A true leader knows how to alchemize all ingredients at their disposal; turning lead into gold.

Foster strong ecosystem partnerships, build resilient client relationships and identify each ingredient to encourage  exponential company growth.

Learn to identify and expertly mix the components for impact and long term success.

How I Support You To Lead



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