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Demetri Bolduc headshot
Demetri Bolduc

Demetrius Bolduc is a Boulder-based entrepreneur and business consultant who specializes in holistic, integrated process; project management; operations; culture and team building. Demetri founded Integrated Impact in 2019, when he realized that the overwhelming majority of consulting firms fail to address the complex intersectionality of personal identities and systemic challenges that create problems to begin with. With Integrated Impact, he aims to offer a more integrated and holistic approach, both leaders, businesses and solopreneurs. 

In business from an early age, Demetri helped manage and operate his family’s business, the beloved and legendary Boulder Bookstore. Growing up in a Buddhist household, he lived life through a lens of meditation, mindfulness, and the Chinese Five Elements from his earliest memories. His love for the natural world inspires his passion for creating harmony in all things - from his inner world all the way into the world of business.

He has started several businesses (successes and failures), has been running mindfulness based groups since an early age and enjoys helping clients both large and small. He has worked with a wide range of businesses: successful coaches like Elana Meta, The C3 Method and Intuition Alchemy; and larger teams such as The Buckminster Fuller Institute, The Design Science Studio and The Ford Foundation.

Demetri is trained in a wide range of management techniques, such as Lean, Six Sigma and Wealth Dynamics. He leverages these more traditional methods in conjunction with regenerative, systems based approaches and ancient techniques for a robust, interdisciplinary offering. He helps clients by way of personal growth and mindfulness coaching, operational strategy, business development, culture and team building.


~ BA in Psychology & Relational Psychology ~

~ Individual Coaching ~

~ Team Dynamics ~

~ MBA Certification ~

~ Lean Six Sigma Black Belt ~

~ Agile Scrum ~

~ Business Communication Certification ~

~ Business Leadership Certification ~

~ Regenerative Design Certification ~

~ BA in Social Impact Entrepreneurship ~

~ Business Strategy & Management ~

~ Impact Consulting ~

~ Mindfulness Coach ~

~ Culture Consulting ~

~ REBT Coach ~

~ Chinese Five Elements Training ~

~ Diversity & Inclusivity Training ~

~ Event & Experience Production ~

Amelia Broughton headshot
Amelia Broughton

​Relational Consultant

Amelia Broughton is an international relational facilitator, consultant, and writer. With over 10 years of experience on teams and in communities, she evaluates communities in the seven vital criteria she's found to exist in a thriving community. Her process supports the enhancement of connection and illuminates any present blind spots to establish social health and wellbeing in any given environment. Amelia's intent is to produce content and offer experiences that empower people to create and cultivate nourishing relationships with themselves and others, ultimately enhancing overall fulfillment in every environment they inhabit. 

She has written content in mindbodygreen, Conscious Lifestyle Magazine, Boulder Lifestyle Magazine, and the Unconventional Life blog and aims to make the world a little smaller everywhere she goes.


~ ​Conscious Communication ~

~ Relational Leadership ~

~ Personal Development ~

~ Team Building ~

~ ​Social Health Consulting ~

~ Human Design ~

~ Copywriting ~

~ Design ~


Abigail Wolff Headshot
Abigail Wolff

Marketing Strategist

Abigail Wolff is a marketing strategist with 10 years of experience bringing brand visions to life in the fields of music and entertainment, health and wellness, environmental stewardship and social impact. She provides brand development, creative strategy, copywriting, content creation, packaging consulting, market positioning, web development, digital marketing, media production, event planning and partnership opportunities that build community and boost brand engagement.


~ Brand Strategy ~

~ Marketing Strategy ~

~ SEO Strategy ~

~ Social Media Management ~

~ Blog & Copy Writing ~

~ Content Creation ~


Molly and Sierra Cultivate Balance headshot
Cultivate Balance

​Earth Centered Wellness​

Cultivate Balance offers holistic lifestyle design education and wellness consultations for individuals, communities and

corporate groups that seek to encourage more vitality personally, professionally and for the planet. Founders Molly McConnell,  RYT 500 and Sierra Brashear, MA are both Clinical Ayurvedic Practitioners and graduates of Alandi Ashram’s 2,000+ hour,  National Ayurvedic Medical Association certified program. The two believe that when we are vibrant and awake, we have the  clarity and energy to show up for what we believe in. Work with Cultivate Balance to increase joy, productivity and employee  satisfaction in your workplace or community!


~ Group Wellness Workshops ~

~ Online Wellness Education ~

~ Ayurvedic Business Consulting ~

​​~ Digital or Print Resources ~

~ Publication ~

~ Health & Lifestyle Design ~


Witness Web Works logo
Witness Web Works

Web Design Firm

Witness Web Works is a web design and development firm, providing a full suite of web services to fit your business needs.

They offer a wide range of web based services, ranging from creating new brands and websites, to redesigning existing sites.
Witness builds sites that are easy for their clients to maintain, prioritizing beauty and efficiency, so that you can be confident in your online presence.


~ Full Stack Web Design ~

~ Full Stack Development ~

~ Online Branding ~

~ SEO ~

~ Domain Management ~

~ Analytics & Tracking ~


Integrated Impact is a consulting firm that specializes in helping businesses and solopreneurs create innovative and resilient strategies for achieving growth. We pride ourselves on our personal, systemic, data-driven, and interdisciplinary approach. Our solutions don't come out of the box ready to plug and play; we excel at identifying your challenges quickly and designing resilient strategies to address them.

Our firm is composed of a diverse group of professionals - artists, photographers, consultants, marketers, brand wizards, holistic care practitioners, psychologists, and more. We know (and studies have shown) that more diverse groups are more effective at solving problems. This allows us to be a one stop shop for our clients, working intimately with our partners to address every aspect of your evolving needs.

We work closely with every professional that is part of our network, empowering you to create harmony in your work and personal life. By offering a full suite of bespoke and holistic services, we integrate all your business needs - operations, marketing, strategy, technology, sustainability, design - all under one roof.

At Integrated Impact, we apply innovative methodologies, while remaining rooted in historical wisdom, for an interdisciplinary and balanced approach. We aim to feel like an in-house member of your team in order to immerse fully into your company culture,  identifying underlying roadblocks that impede progress, and addressing them at the root cause.

Integrated Impact helps you spend less time looking for the things you need, and more time doing what you're good at.​

Who We Are

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