business consulting

creating innovative and resilient strategies

Achieving growth

Resilient Strategies

We create strategies that are resilient to social, economic and environmental shifts.

Through systemic and adaptive methods, we help you succeed in an ever changing world.

Innovative Solutions

Our interdisciplinary approach utilizes a robust variety of modalities.

Through the combination of ancient methods and innovative strategies, we have solutions for even the most complex issues.

Valuable Impact

Our process generates positive outcomes for all stakeholders.

Through a whole-systems approach that is inherently regenerative, our strategies increase value, and thus impact, for not only your business but all stakeholders.



Mindfulness Workshops

Corporate mindfulness has been shown to be a powerful driver of companywide wellbeing and success.

Have us lead a workshop or learn how to implement best practices yourself.


Culture Consulting

Company culture is often what separates successful businesses from those that are not.

We'll help you boost loyalty, cohesion and create an environment that everyone is excited to be part of.

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Impact Assessment

Gain insight into what impact your business is having in key areas, such as environmental and social.

Walk away with key strategies to improve your company impact in specific areas while also creating value.


Business Strategy

Clear, measurable goals and having even clearer strategies to achieve them is how a business can scale.

We'll help you set clear goals, have a solid plan to reach them and increase company resiliency along the way.


Leadership Training

Strong leaders are what make a business succeed, and they never stop learning themselves.

Learn new techniques to inspire and better understand your employees.

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Project Management

Staying on track and knowing how to get there is crucial to accomplishing milestones.

We'll help you get a specific project done on-time while exceeding expectations.