Creating Cohesion and Resilience


Cohesive Strategies

We aim to create cohesion across all domains of your business and life, for a truly interdisciplinary approach.

Through systemic and adaptive methods, we help you succeed in an ever changing world.

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Resilient Impact

Our process generates positive outcomes for all stakeholders.​

Through a whole-systems approach that is inherently regenerative, our strategies increase value, and thus impact, for not only your business but all stakeholders.

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Innovative Solutions

Our interdisciplinary approach utilizes a robust variety of modalities.​

Through the combination of ancient methods and innovative strategies, we have solutions for even the most complex issues.


Great Is More Than the Sum of Its Parts


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Culture & Teambuilding

Company culture is one of the cornerstones of a successful business; a strong team and culture allows you to weather any storm.

Our approach puts people first, working to the strengths of your team and identifying holes that need filling, to create positive, resilient and successful teams that allow your business to thrive under any conditions.

Operations & Strategy

Clear, measurable goals, along with the right tools, makes all the difference for growth and consistent success.

We use data driven methods to eliminate inefficient processes, create synergy across all your operations and streamline your entire company,

assuring company resilience and success both now and for years to come.

Mindfulness & Wellness

Corporate mindfulness and wellness are two of the fastest growing sectors globally.

Prioritizing your people through wellness creates wider levels of cohesion across both personal and professional, resulting in better outcomes for employees, managers and customers.


How We Help You

It was so easeful and joyful working alongside Demetri, as well as our online zoom sessions. He is flexible & incredibly consistent with how he shows up for others. I cherish our time together & am honestly sad that it has come to an end! (for now).

I highly suggest his services to EVERYONE that resonates with alignment activated impact. This experience far surpassed my expectations and I am very grateful for the journey.. to learn, to grow.

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Sammi Kate

Founder, Intuition Alchemy

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Michael A Blunt

Founder, The C3 Method